Vortex and swirl flowmeters

ABB’s SwirlMaster and VortexMaster flowmeters are designed for the chemical industry and other applications, such as power generation, where steam flows need to be monitored.

By ABB August 17, 2015

ABB’s SwirlMaster and VortexMaster flowmeters are designed to monitor steam flows. The FSS430 and FSS450 SwirlMaster models feature a graphical display, digital outputs, and an integrated temperature sensor. The FSS450 is used in steam-power calculation as well as to receive signals from other transmitters for density, temperature, and pressure. The FSS430 omits the flow computer algorithms, but provides an analog output with HART communication. The FSV430 and FSV450 VortexMaster models are available in a remote design, with a cable length of up to 30 m/100 ft, and are designed more for gas applications. Both series have a piezo sensor with multiple elements designed to register the measured signals and the pipe vibrations with which the measurement signal is compensated.