Video: Roger Chang discusses government buildings

DLR Group’s Roger Chang talks about a host of topics as they relate to government buildings

By Amara Rozgus December 1, 2021
Courtesy: DLR Group

Roger Chang, PE, LEED Fellow, DLR Group, dives into the topic of government buildings — and government agencies as a whole — and how embodied carbon, energy efficiency, legislation, air quality and building data affect design and engineering.  

Roger Chang is a principal and senior engineering leader at DLR Group. Chang is a passionate advocate for integrated design and high-performance buildings, particularly within the context of historic and cultural projects. His work has received two AIA COTE awards and his experience includes work at National Institute of Standards and Technology, and collaborations with the Harvard School of Public Health.  


Author Bio: Amara Rozgus is the Editor-in-Chief/Content Strategy Leader