Video: Relationships between HVAC efficiency and power usage effectiveness (PUE): Partial loads

This explains partial loads and the effect they have on HVAC efficiency and power usage effectiveness (PUE).

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer January 4, 2024
Courtesy: Brett Sayles, CFE Media and Technology

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the impact of new IT on the data center
  • Identify new facilities power and cooling technology on the data center
  • Project changes in electrical load densities
  • Learn anticipated changes in environmental conditions
  • Forecast future improvements in efficiencies
  • Understand the impacts of new/revised data center industry standards and benchmarks.


The power and cooling requirements of IT equipment ultimately determine how a data center’s HVAC and electrical infrastructure is designed. As such, given the continual, rapid pace of innovation in computer servers, storage and networking equipment, it is sometimes difficult to plan for the future when designing a data center.

This lesson builds a foundation for other topics related to data center planning and design by providing insight into the past, but also looking into the future and what types of computer systems are likely to be released.