Video: Lab Retro-Cx: The Rebirth of a Research Facility

This presentation explains the changes that are necessary to keep laboratories in the best operational conditions.
By Cx Energy September 18, 2018

Video Courtesy: CxEnergy 2018

Presenters: Rob Clegg, PE, RMF Engineering; Travis Campbell, CxA, RMF Engineering

Abstract: Science and research changes constantly. Laboratory needs change and each change can dramatically affect the operation of adjacent labs. However, adjacent labs are rarely tested to confirm correct operation. Changes including additions such as new fume hoods can overburden the exhaust system, resulting in code or health issues. As laboratories age, they become problematic. Sensors fall out of calibration, control devices fail and become outdated. Laboratories must be regularly tested to weed out and repair these issues. A small percentage of devices out of calibration can tip the entire system into a state where it doesn’t meet basic requirements, much less code requirements.

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