VFDs for torque applications

The SJ700D Series of Industrial ac variable frequency drives (VFDs) expands on the performance, capabilities, and functions of both its predecessors.

By Hitachi America Ltd. March 17, 2015

The SJ700D expands on performance, capabilities, and function. The SJ700D drives are ideal for variable torque applications such as fans and pumps, or constant torque applications. The SJ700D has a single parameter change to set the drive as either a variable torque or constant torque. Another feature is the higher operating temperature range of -10 to 50 C. The SJ700D features a new faster processing scan time for the internal programming feature. Multiple programs for various applications such as irrigation pump control or condition specific motion profiles can be developed on a PC and then downloaded to the inverter. The other helpful features the SJ700D includes changes to the EzSQ run parameters with free intelligent input, as well as 5 retentive memory locations for use from within the program structure. The SJ700D is CE, UL, c-Tick-certified, and RoHS-compliant.