Vertical units offer thermal, cooling efficiencies

Allied Air Enterprises' V-Series of vertical units offer thermal efficiencies of up to 95% and cooling up to 11.0 EER.

By Allied Air Enterprises March 3, 2015

Magic-Pak’s V-Series is a vertical unit that is available in gas/electric and electric/electric configurations. With a minimal wall opening that reduces building penetration for external louvers, customizable louver, and wall sleeve options that offer design flexibility. The V-Series units are designed to be easily incorporated into a new construction floor plan and offer a fully ducted system and individual metering and control for each unit. It also features freeze shield technology, which is designed to ensure the heating section’s condensate drain trap does not freeze during winter months. Available in 1-, 1.5-, 2-, and 2.5-ton capacities—with efficiencies ranging from 9.2 to 11.0 EER and 80% to 95% TE—Magic-Pak V-Series units offer simple "plug-and-play" installation and service, with pre-wired and pre-charged components.

Allied Air Enterprises