Vertical stacked water-source heat pumps

Johnson Controls' Premium Efficiency Vertical-Stacked Water-Source Heat Pumps deliver energy-efficient performance and flexible design.

By Johnson Controls Inc. February 12, 2016

Johnson Controls’ Premium Efficiency Vertical-Stacked Water-Source Heat Pumps (VSHPs) offer 16.6 EER and up to 18.5 EER efficiency in ground-loop applications. Their flexible design allows for simple zoning, tenant metering, and building expandability. Using compressor and heat-exchanger technologies, the VSHPs feature a four-pipe fan-coil system in a two-pipe design that is suited for any multistory building with a consistent floor plan. A compact cabinet constructed of heavy-gauge, corrosion-resistant, coated steel is designed for ease of installation and servicing of the model. The VSHPs also feature an outside air opening with collar and motorized damper, ECM motors, and MERV 8 filters.

Johnson Controls Inc.