VaporLok and Wal-Mart Team Up to Help Consumers

On June 23 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. VaporLok Products LLC joins Wal-Mart answering one of consumers' questions: What to do with the burned out fluorescent lamps?

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff June 19, 2007
Brad Buscher, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VaporLok Products LLC recycles a fluorescent lamp at the recycling kiosk in a local Wal-Mart store.

What do you do with your burned out fluorescent lamps? On June 23, VaporLok Products LLC joins Wal-Mart bringing consumers an answer to this question.
From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wal-Mart will place kiosks at all of its Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club locations in California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Tulsa, Oklahoma, giving consumers the opportunity to safely recycle their burned-out compact and tubular fluorescent lamps. The idea is to give consumers the opportunity to place the burned lamps inside special recycling containers that are proven effective in containing mercury vapor from broken fluorescent lamps.

Brad J. Buscher, chairman and CEO of VaporLok Products, said that the VaporLok bags are essential when protecting consumers from low levels of mercury vapor. The bags make the recycling of fluorescent lamps safer and more practical to everyone. “These containers are the only containers tested and proven effective in meeting government regulations, such as the Universal Waste Rule which governs mercury device transportation, and OSHA requirements for 8-hour personal exposure limit. We are gratified to be an integral part of the Wal-Mart lamp recycling program,”

VaporLok Products has supplied the patent-pending bags for the Wal-Mart kiosks to help ensure that safe, effective recycling of lamps will continue to be a common practice long after the scheduled June 23 event.