Uptime Institute’s Design Charrette 2007 offers unexpected conclusions

The Design Charrette 2007, convened in October by the Uptime Institute, finds that it’s not so much technological breakthrough that will improve data center uptime as making better use of existing technologies.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff January 22, 2008

When the Santa Fe-based Uptime Institute convened “Design Charrette 2007” last October, a gathering of industry stakeholders looking for solutions for improving data center energy efficiency, the initial consensus was that they would be thinking outside the box and uncovering breakthrough technologies to address these issues.
On the electrical side, the focus was on direct current power as a possible panacea for power quality issues in the data center. On the mechanical side, outside air was the solution.
In fact, in the recently published Executive Directors Report: The Findings of the 2007 Charrette the conclusion is that not new technology but rather finessing existing technologies is more important for increasing data center energy efficiency and ensuring power quality and reliability.
With respect to implementing DC power in data centers, investigators concluded that there is a significant number of barriers that still exist.