Up On the Rooftop: HVAC Products and Literature

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff November 18, 2004

New architectural products catalog showcasing a diverse line of louvers includes product descriptions, engineering drawings and product renderings, features and performance charts. Louvers include thin line, drainable, sight proof, adjustable, combination, acoustical and fabricated models, while equipment screens, sunshades and egg crate grilles are also listed. (by Greenheck ).

Air-cooled chiller minimizes background noise with a screw compressor that is vibration-free, with sound-pressure levels at 30 ft. as low as 67 dBA per ARI Standard 370. Standard and high-efficiency models feature direct digital controls that allow for easy integration into most BAS. ( GeneSys by McQuay ).

Closed-circuit cooling tower line now includes larger, higher capacity dual air inlet models. With dual coil bundles and wet deck surfaces, the fan system offers the highest thermal capacities available in a single, stand-alone, factory-assembled closed-circuit cell. Cells can be multiplied side by side, resulting in a smaller plan area and low installation and operating costs. ( FXV line by Baltimore Aircoil Co ).

Bio-formulation for scale and corrosion control in cooling towers and other open-loop, recirculating cooling systems is made of non-toxic, non-hazardous and readily biodegradable ingredients. Providing powerful scale inhibition and excellent multi-metal corrosion protection, it protects carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals. ( S-14 by Cortec Corp ).

Insulated curbs for unrestricted positioning on standing-seam roof systems are custom designed to accommodate any roof slope for rooftop equipment. Standard construction includes mitered and fully-welded corners and loose cell caps to match most standing seam configurations, all allowing for a water-tight installation. Other features include 10-inch minimum height and T-bar reinforcing in sizes over 36 inches. ( Retro-Curb by ThyCurb ).

Remote monitoring system for temporary dehumidification, cooling and heating equipment via the Internet records climate control conditions on an onboard memory chip and transmits them to a secure Web site every hour. Alert messages for technicians are customizable. ( ExactAire by Munters ).

New catalog includes product details and specifications for large vents available in sizes from 14 to 30 in. in diameter and features pipes, 45-degree elbows, tees, caps, draft-hood connects, support plates, flashings and storm collars. ( BigVent catalog by Metal-Fab, Inc ).

Redesigned gas-to-steam humidifier is streamlined with all components contained inside the cabinet, making it easier to install and maintain. With a broad capacity range, indoor and outdoor mounting options and precise microprocessor control make it ideal for humidifier applications. Other features include integral water tempering, sealed combustion, freeze protection and single-point source water hookup. ( GTS Humidifier by DriSteem ).