Trash-burning plant damaged by fire

An Iowa waste-to-energy plant suffers an estimated $30,000 in damages, thanks to a fire most likely started in the facility's shredder.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff January 5, 2009

Fire is a regular occurrence at the Ames Resource Recovery Plant, run by Ames, Iowa’s Public Works department . The facility collects municipal solid waste, and whatever cannot be recycled or landfilled is burned to provide energy.
However, according to a Chicago Tribune article , an unplanned blaze at the facility in the early hours of Jan. 3 has shut the waste-to-energy operation down and caused in excess of $30,000 in damages. According to Ames Deputy Fire Chief Paul Sandoval,it looks like the the fire started in the plant’s shredder, possibly sparked by something hot left in trash that had been delivered to the plant.
The shredder had been hard at work the previous afternoon; an employee reporting for work early Jan. 3 discovered the fire.