Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer content, May 17-23, 2024

Top CSE articles this week covered topics including saving money on EV charging equipment, 40 Under 40 winners and ASHRAE 90.1 updates

May 24, 2024
One-line diagram of power distribution to electric vehicle chargers. Courtesy: SmithGroup

1. Sponsored content: The evolution of heat pump technology

A knowledge of where heat pumps have come from will help engineers understand when and how to implement them

2. Case study: How to save money on EV charging equipment

A university implemented a comprehensive EV plan with 100 chargers, including 50-amp Level 2- and 200-kilowatt Level 3 chargers for fleet vehicles

3. 2024 40 Under 40 winners announced

How does a 40 Under 40 winner balance work, innovation, community and family? Read on for more

4. Ten things to know about ASHRAE 90.1-2022 updates

Building on the momentum of previous editions, ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2022 is leading the way toward renewable energy and decarbonization in commercial buildings

5. How to make generator fuel type selection in four steps

When selecting a generator, one of the first and most important decisions is which fuel type to choose