The growing buzz around medtail

Partnership between hospitals and healthcare systems build on community

By Dustin Schafer, Mark Chrisman and Jason Wollum September 1, 2021

Even if you haven’t heard of “medtail,” it’s likely you’ve encountered the concept as a consumer. Born from the desire to make healthcare more accessible and convenient, medtail spaces provide health and wellness services in convenient locations where consumers already live, work and shop. Medtail is quickly becoming the perfect partnership for hospitals and healthcare systems looking to provide repeatable customer experiences within a local community.

Listen in on a conversation moderated by our chief technical officer, Dustin Schafer, as our healthcare practice director, Mark Chrisman, and retail practice director, Jason Wollum discuss how the buzz around medtail continues to grow.

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Author Bio: Dustin Schafer is the Chief Technical Officer at Henderson Engineers. Mark Chrisman is the Healthcare Practice Director at Henderson Engineers. Jason Wollum is the Retail Practice Director at Henderson.