The Engineered Plumbing Exposition

The Engineered Plumbing Exposition 2002, sponsored by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers as part of its biennial convention, will be held at the Ft. Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas, Oct. 28 and 29. For more information, visit the ASPE web site at: Wall-mounted sink creates clear floor space right up to the wall.

By Staff October 1, 2002

The Engineered Plumbing Exposition 2002, sponsored by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers as part of its biennial convention, will be held at the Ft. Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas, Oct. 28 and 29. For more information, visit the ASPE web site at: .

Wall-mounted sink creates clear floor space right up to the wall. ADA-compliant and vandal-resistant, its 12-ga. stainless steel frame attaches directly to the wall supports. The integral sprayhead, minimal seam lines and lack of exposed fasteners facilitate maintenance. Models serve three or four users with a single set of supplies, lowering the installed cost per station. (Terreon by Bradley Corporation) Booth 135

Tubing system is constructed from highly flexible polyvinylidene resin that makes the tubing suited for installations in areas where space is critical. Available in a range of tube and fittings sizes, the system can handle operating pressures of 150 psi and the high temperatures associated with hot UPW systems. (Sygef by George Fischer) Booth 1428

Water pump station incorporates self-priming pumps, with all moving parts above the wet well for easy access and maintenance. Fiberglass housing can open and is supported by gas shocks. Control panel is mounted on hinged stand and swings out through door. (Metro-Prime Station by Metropolitan) Booth 1249

Gas water heater is available in a new model that combines a 130-gal. tank with 300,000-BTU input. Suited to upscale restaurants and mid-size hotels, the units are said to achieve a 98% thermal efficiency and can be manifolded together in multiple-unit configurations. (Cyclone XHE by A.O. Smith) Booth 127

Water coolers are crafted from a durable, two-tone polymer material with color molded clear through. The units can resist scratches and damage, and endure the rigors of everyday use. Available as a single unit, bi-level unit or a hands-free electronic model, the cooler is also resistant to moisture, heat and sunlight. (Voyager by Halsey Taylor) Booth 534

Vertical in-line pump combines two pumps—one as a backup unit—in a single casing. Volutes, motors and impellers in pairs share common suction and discharge ports, allowing for parallel or standby operation, eliminating the need for shutdowns or air purging when units require service. (dualArm by Armstrong Pumps) Booth 1120

Process pipe and fittings are molded from PVDF resin and are available in schedule-80 thickness. Pipes are joined using a threaded system and socket fusion process. Said to withstand pressures up to 200 psi, the system is designed for use in extreme industrial and manufacturing environments. (Flo Thread/Flo Fuse by Flo-Safe) Booth 628

Baseplate and foundation system features one-piece construction, flat mounting surfaces and one-piece motor mounting block. The system offers chemical resistance, as well as high vibration dampening and low maintenance, and combines in one unit traditional baseplate and foundation for pump-driver sets. (Polyshield by Flowserve) Booth 1134

Copper Tube Handbook has been published in a revised edition, offering the latest industry standards and techniques, including pressure ratings for copper tube and soldered copper joints. The reference includes comprehensive guidelines for design and installation of plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration and related systems. (Handbook by CDA) Booth 1540

Reverse-osmosis water system for commercial applications features a patented single manifold. A standard 5-micron cartridge screens out sediment and particulate, while a carbon block reduces chlorine. Also includes a low-pressure RO membrane cartridge to dissolve minerals and other particles. (LoPressureRO by Culligan) Booth 213

Cartridge filters and vessels are 6 in. O.D. by 40 in. long and available with absolute or nominal ratings. The product is able to filter up to 250 gpm. Cartridges are cordless, reducing disposal waste. Each vessel can hold up to 19 catridges for a maximum 4,750 gpm flow rate. (MegaFlow by Parker Hannifin) Booth 1349

Steam and water vents are available in all-brass finish. A special induction soldering process eliminates the need for a painted finish, reducing emissions during manufacturing of the items and complying with ISO 14001 certification. (Valves and vents from Hoffman Specialty/ITT Industries) Booth 109

Gas water heater for commercial applications is especially suited to restaurants and kitchens. Six new models are available in capacities from 80 to 100 gallon, and are equipped with co-axial vents that are designed to draw intake air and exhaust all byproducts of combustion outside the building through the same wall opening. (Charger by Lochinvar) Booth 235

Pump Brochure details a full line of high-performance pumps. Featured pump models include horizontal split case, end suction, vertical in-line, vertical turbine, DMD two-stage, axial and mixed-flow for clean-water applications in process, municipal and other applications. (by Patterson Pump) Booth 747

Disc-type drain valves are available in rising and lowering models and have been tested to ASME, ANSI and ASTM standards. The units are specially designed for on-off bottom drain tank applications where flushing or fluid transfer is necessary. The valves can be equipped with pneumatic or manual control wheel. (Valves by Strahman) Booth 1345

Solid-state waterflow detectors are available for 2-in. through 8-in. pipe risers, as well as 1-in. NPT branch line applications. The detectors are compatible with a wide range of pipe schedules, and can be connected to conventional and addressable fire and life safety systems. (Accuflow by System Sensor) Booth 602

Water heater brochures feature a unique class of water heaters designed for heating, combination heating and cooling and potable hot water systems. The units are also designed to work in conjunction with a number of space heating applications, including radiant panel, hot air systems and combination heating/AC systems that use air handlers. (Comfort Connect by Bradford White) Booth 445

Battery-operated flushometers for urinals and water closets combine ADA-compliance with modern styling. Touch-free infrared sensor operation is intended to accommodate the widest variety of retrofits and new installations. Optional metal covers and adjustable ground joint tails are offered. (Optima Plus by Sloan) Booth 1923

Backflow preventer is designed to protect potable water in accordance with the National Plumbing Code and water authority requirements. Used in a variety of situations where downstream water is of a composition that will damage bronze materials, the units also eliminate trace elements of lead and copper. (SS09 by Watts Regulator) Booth 313

High-pressure coupling is double-bolted to join extra-heavy duty double grooved pipe. It is approved for working pressures up to 4,000 psi for 4-in. and 6-in. pipe, and up to 3,500 psi for 8-in. pipe. By engaging directly to the pipe, the couplings eliminate the need for special nipples or collars. (Duo-Lock by Victaulic) Booth 1728

Gas tubing is available in sizes up to 2 in. Tubing is constructed of corrugated and annealed stainless steel, Type 304, and is enclosed in a yellow plastic jacket of polyethylene, which complies with ASTM E84 for flame and smoke. (Gastite by Titeflex) Booth1641