ThamesValley Police Custody Suites Select Zandar MultiViewers

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff August 4, 2006

Zandar Technologies has provided its 1RU FusionPro MultiViewers to Thames Valley Police, to create what are accepted to be the most technically sophisticated custody suites in the United Kingdom.

This large partnership project was carried out for the Custody Refurbishment Programme worth approximately

“The recognized increase in incidents of near misses and death in custody were a driving force behind this project. Other critical factors included an increase in accountability, rising staffing costs as well as the operational aspects of clutter in an operator’s space (alarms, cell calls, intercoms and CCTV systems). The police wanted a system that utilized space and to visually alleviate these challenges,” explained Stephen Smith, sales and marketing director at Integrated Security Manufacturing (ISM).

Five out of 12 custody suites have so far been completed at Thames Valley Police and a Zandar 1RU FusionPro MultiViewer is allocated to each suite. Utilizing eight source inputs, the system displays high-resolution images from 60 to 70 cameras. Images are also displayed using an advanced network video recorder (NVR) with audio and Genesys integrated control software, designed and implemented by ISM. The software incorporates clear, concise graphics of the custody suites, patch-through calls to cells from the telephone system, real-time CCTV images, intercoms, panic alarms and door control–all from a single platform.