Temporary power distribution system

Larson Electronics releases a 25 kVA temporary power distribution system.

By Larson Electronics October 25, 2016

Larson Electronics has released a step-down portable power distribution panel for operators needing to operate 120 V equipment while only having 480 V electrical current available. The MPD-25 kVA-480-10X120.20 A is a temporary power distribution system that converts 480 Vac 3-phase to 120 and 208Y Vac 3-phase electrical current. This system provides operators the ability to safely tap into 480 Vac and distribute 120 Vac to equipment. This system has 25 ft. of line-in cable to connect the substation to a primary 480 V power supply. The 120 V line-out protection is provided by ten 20-amp, 125 V single pole breakers. A cube-style configuration is easy to move around the site and can be loaded easily on a truck or other conveyance.

Larson Electronics