Talk of Code Consolidation

By Staff September 1, 2005

A single model plumbing code and a single model mechanical code for the U.S.? It could happen.

Two major codes entities, the International Assn. of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and the International Codes Council (ICC), have held several informal conceptual discussions on combining their codes—the Uniform Plumbing Code with the International Plumbing Code and the Uniform Mechanical Code with the International Mechanical Code.

So far, the consensus among all involved parties is that the meetings have been positive. Topics of discussion have included the differences in the processes and procedures the two entities use to create their codes and how these differences can be overcome.

“Although we still have a ways to go, I believe our meeting has resulted in a much greater understanding of each other than we have ever had in the past,” said IAPMO president Chris Salazar. “I am looking forward to future meetings to try to create a fusion of the plumbing and mechanical codes between the two organizations.”