Surveying and mapping market snapshot (part one)

The surveying and mapping industry registered $10.2 billion of revenue in 2021, making up 4.5% of the architecture engineering industry.

By Morrissey Goodale November 20, 2023
Courtesy: Brett Sayles, CFE Media and Technology


  • Surveying and mapping services consist of the technique and science used to establish land maps and boundaries for ownership or governmental purposes by accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional space position of points and the distances and angles between them.

  • AE firms employ 70% of surveyors. Other employers include government (8%), construction (7%) and mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction (1%). Self-employed workers represent 4% of surveyor jobs in the U.S.

  • Surveyors and surveying technicians make up approximately 4.5% of total AE industry occupations.

  • Geographic information systems are an important aspect of surveying and mapping. It is the preferred technology for managing the data collected by surveyors. Engineering companies offer a wide range of services and technologies to support and enhance GIS systems.

Market Size

  • Companies in surveying and mapping services registered $10.2 billion of revenue in 2021, according to the Federal Reserve.
Courtesy: Morrissey Goodale

Courtesy: Morrissey Goodale


  • The surveying and mapping services industry is expected to continue in high demand, keeping up with architecture, engineering and construction forecasted growth through the next several years.
  • Over the last five years, the pace of growth in M&A deals involving companies that offer surveying and mapping services has been about two times faster than the overall AE industry pace of consolidation. This trend is expected to continue based on deal activity in 2023.
  • Like many other occupations in the U.S., surveying is facing significant workforce challenges as a relatively high number of workers is heading into retirement.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of surveyors is projected to grow 5% from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations. An aging workforce is driving many of the 3,500 job openings expected yearly over the next decade. However, the use of drones and other advanced technologies are transforming the practice and may limit jobs growth by increasing productivity.