Stationary louver

Ruskin's EME3625DFL louver is impact- and rain-resistant.

By Ruskin June 28, 2017

The EME3625DFL wind-driven, rain-resistant, stationary louver from Ruskin is the industry’s only 3-in. louver with Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) 540 impact resistance. Constructed of extruded aluminum for low maintenance and high resistance to corrosion, the louver is also AMCA 550-listed and is pending 2014 Florida building code approval.

The EME3625DFL’s closely-spaced vertical blades prevent penetration of wind-driven rain, reducing damage and additional operating expenses. The louver features 45% free area, all-welded construction and visible mullion construction.

Published performance ratings for the EME3625DFL, including excellent pressure-drop performance, are based on testing in accordance with AMCA Publication 500L.