Sponsored video: What does the future of generator testing look like?

Gary Johansen, VP of Engineering with Cummins, looks at the past 10 years of genset testing, and where we’ll be in the future

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer June 24, 2022
Courtesy: Cummins

Many buildings require generators, and quieter gensets in specialized facilities require testing and certification. The Cummins Acoustical Technology Center has been the site of genset testing for 10 years, measuring the noise output from engines at a variety of sizes. This helps the company design quieter and greener products.

Gary Johansen is the Vice President of Engineering in the Power Systems Business at Cummins Inc.  He leads a team of 1,700 engineers, technicians, and support staff across India, China, Brazil, the U.K. and the U.S.  His teams develop industry leading, sustainable power solutions for the mining, marine, rail, defense, oil and gas, power generation and other markets worldwide.