Sponsored video: PIC built for testing microgrid power

The Cummins microgrid lab was built for the configuration, testing and validation of microgrid power systems

By Amara Rozgus August 23, 2022
Courtesy: Cummins

Electrical insights:

  • Electrical engineers can visit the Power Integration Center to test various configurations of electrical systems.
  • Corey Bergendahl from Cummins provides an overview of the control room within the PIC in a video segment.

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022, Cummins introduced its Power Integration Center to the public. The microgrid lab, based in Fridley, Minnesota, was built for the configuration, testing and validation of microgrid power systems.

Spanning 20,000 square feet at the Cummins Power Generation facility, the PIC is a dedicated space for experts to access all elements of a potential microgrid power system, and work collaboratively with technical partners and Cummins engineers to design the optimal microgrid solution for any operation.

Both indoor and outdoor spaces are available for testing, including an outdoor test area, mezzanine, switchgear room and control room. The space is fully configurable to any type of test, and can be modified to meet the client’s needs.

During the grand opening, several subject matter experts gave tours and spoke about various areas. Tours highlighted testing and integration areas, including the control room. Corey Bergendahl spoke at length about this control room. Watch this video presentation for an overview of the various aspects of it.

Author Bio: Amara Rozgus is the Editor-in-Chief/Content Strategy Leader