5 reasons why engineers value Bell & Gossett’s selection program

ESP-Systemwize enables designers to choose all system components within a single integrated tool. Learn about the newest uses and most up-to-date features and benefits, and see how ESP-Systemwize takes engineers beyond the pump to select the best hydronic system.

By Xylem September 1, 2018

Xylem’s Bell & Gossett brand’s ESP-SystemwizeTM is the industry’s first online selection tool that provides HVAC and plumbing system designers the ability to choose all system components within a single integrated tool to ensure the most efficient hydronic system design.

ESP-Systemwize incorporates Bell & Gossett’s expansive portfolio, applications expertise and hydronic systems knowledge, resulting in an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for selecting highly efficient pumps and compatible system accessories.

Since its launch last year, several new functions have been added to ESP-Systemwize. Regular updates with new features and capabilities will continue to ensure ESP-Systemwize is the most advanced online selection tool on the market, which is just one reason why it’s quickly becoming a consulting-specifying engineer’s best friend. Here are five others.

1. Self-service set-up

ESP-Systemwize is readily accessible through the Bell & Gossett website or at esp-systemwize.com – no special user access is required. ESP-Systemwize guides industry professionals through the specification process by providing side-by-side product comparisons; an express select button helps quickly narrow down a pump search. ESP-Systemwize is also searchable by groups of products—a click of the performance button analyzes a pump’s multiple speeds in real time and the workplace tab offers additional product data.

2. Time-saving features

The intuitive features of ESP-Systemwize save engineering hours and increase productivity by enabling users to easily select the most efficient components through one integrated selection tool.

The system selection tool allows industry professionals to specify pumps, suction diffusers, triple duty valves, air and dirt separators, expansion tanks, heat exchangers, pressure independent control valves, variable speed drives, controls and replacement parts—everything needed to design complete hydronic systems.

Industry professionals also have the option to create a customized project schedule, share it with a manufacturer’s representative in their area and edit it, enabling the management of the entire system selection process in a single project schedule. Engineers and system designers can also generate submittals and download other technical documentation for information on proper installation and applications of the products they selected.

3. Ensures efficient system design

An HVAC system made up of the highest-efficiency components will only enjoy the efficiency gains of these individual products if it is designed, installed and operated as a system. As the only online selection tool that allows designers to select the entire system, ESP-Systemwize is at the forefront of fostering greater efficiencies in HVAC system design.

Users can select constant speed or variable speed pumps—as more pumps operate with a variable speed drive to deliver optimal performance, professionals can discover and select products that integrate this technology.

The system selection tool includes Bell & Gossett’s Part Load Efficiency Value (PLEV) selection criteria, a calculation that shows the efficiency of the pump at partial flow rates, enabling users to gauge true pump performance and compare manufacturers for the best overall efficiency.

Detailed analysis of a building’s heating and cooling loads helps ensure the proper equipment is selected for a system, maximizing efficiency and minimizing operating costs. However, designers do not always have the expected or actual building load profile available to them. By using PLEV, system designers no longer have to select a pump at 100% load conditions—this approach is inefficient since a pump only operates there 1% of the time.

4. 24/7 technical assistance

As a trusted resource and education partner in the hydronic industry for more than 100 years, Bell & Gossett has integrated technical assistance features into the selection program. An active warning system alerts users of potential selection problems and a help button provides quick and thorough answers in real time to questions and comments during the system specification process. If a very technical response is required, ESP-Systemwize will alert product experts to respond.

In addition, the help center tab provides technical manuals with pump and system curve data for centrifugal pump selection and application, browser shortcuts, troubleshooting tips and other information.

5. Timely updates

Two recent updates to ESP-Systemwize include a floor space calculator and a cost of operations (OPEX) estimator.

With a greater focus on decreasing the size of mechanical rooms in commercial buildings to allow for more saleable space, the floor space calculator helps engineers identify the proper product and configuration to fit any mechanical room.

The OPEX estimator helps identify energy and electrical costs associated with pumps and hydronic HVAC systems. Proper system design is critical to minimizing life-cycle costs and reducing a system’s power consumption. Plus, holistic system performance is increasingly becoming an important consideration when designing new commercial buildings and renovating existing buildings.

To learn more about the ESP-Systemwize system selection tool, please visit www.esp-systemwize.com.