Smart equipment controls

Simplicity smart equipment (SE) controls view and analyze operational and energy-use data, set-points, schedule and diagnostic data that can be accessed directly from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or onsite personal computer.

By Johnson Controls December 2, 2014

Johnson Controls’ Simplicity smart equipment (SE) controls make equipment easier to install, operate, and service. It provides information to track HVAC performance. Simplicity SE controls have a built-in LCD display and navigation joystick to display unit status, options, current function, supply, return and outdoor temperatures, fault codes, and other information.

The SE controls are connected with wireless mobile access portal (MAP) or hardwired networking capabilities, which allow several users to access one or many units using any device with Wi-Fi and a Web browser. Simplicity SE controls can be configured to use with a standard thermostat, zone sensor, or multiple building automation system (BAS).

Johnson Controls