RTM Engineering Consultants LLC: Wilton Brands LLC

Electrical, power; fire, life safety; HVAC; mechanical; plumbing, piping; office building; and building retrofit

By RTM Engineering Consultants LLC August 9, 2018

Engineering firm: RTM Engineering Consultants LLC

2018 MEP Giants rank: 86

Project: Wilton Brands LLC

Location: Naperville, IL, United States

Building type: Office building

Project type: Existing building retrofit

Engineering services: Electrical, power; fire, life safety; HVAC, mechanical; and plumbing, piping

Project timeline: October 2016 to November 2017

MEP/FP budget: $139,150


RTM provided engineering and design of the MEP systems for the 86,000-sq-ft tenant build-out for Wilton Brands’ corporate headquarters at 535 East Diehl Road in Naperville, Illinois.

The new location features five test kitchens, a food scientist lab, a decorating room, and in-house video and photography studios. Design of the multi-floor, single-phase project included specialty areas where upgraded power, supplemental cooling, and HVAC modifications were required. RTM designed building systems to meet the needs of the leading food-crafting company by planning for natural gas piping to kitchen appliances, commercial kitchen hoods, make-up air, grease trap, and dehumidification system for the cake decorating studio.

Unique to the space, RTM’s design included a 775-sq-ft server room with a new 100-kva UPS system and incorporated the use of an existing 125-kw generator to provide emergency power to the room.


In addition to the specialty areas, the remodeled space features a blend of private offices, workstations, conference rooms, and a cafe/wellness room. The modern, clean space encourages more team collaboration as Wilton was able to now combine all of their departments under one roof.