Roche Diagnostics holds official site dedication for campus transformation

Roche Diagnostics dedicates new buildings on its Indianapolis campus to transform and enrich its North American headquarters.

By CannonDesign January 12, 2017

CannonDesign is proud to celebrate with Roche Diagnostics the official dedication of several new buildings on its Indianapolis campus that will enrich and transform its North American headquarters. The new spaces represent a portion of Roche’s 10-year, $300 million site investment and seek to redefine the visual identity of Roche’s campus while creating a first-class workplace environment. The new spaces will also be key factors in ensuring Roche maintains its designation on Fortune Magazine’s "100 Best Companies to Work For" list.

The new buildings set to open on Roche’s campus include a 200,000-sq-ft office building, a 95,000-sq-ft employee forum, and a 1,500-car parking garage. Each new building embodies Roche’s values of design and architectural legacy rooted in the Bauhaus aesthetic. While the buildings express shared design values, they also stand out uniquely in the following ways:

  • Arranged in a radial pattern of rectangular building forms, the office building offers meaningful exterior and interior spaces for employees through ample daylight, views, and access to exterior landscaped courtyards. The building brings together more than 1,000 employees across numerous teams and implements a newly adopted workplace strategy with efficient, flexible, and innovative spaces.
  • Located at the heart of the campus, the amenities building is home to central conference, dining, fitness, and wellness spaces. Designed as a compact, efficient, and pavilion-like building in the landscape, the amenities building opens up to an exterior dining garden patio and an event lawn.
  • The new parking garage consolidates parking and also offers a new pedestrian spine that connects and unites the overall campus.

"Partnering with Roche on the design of their corporate headquarters in Indianapolis has been inspiring and remarkably rewarding," said George Nikolajevich, design principal for CannonDesign. "Roche has brought incredible passion and focus to creating spaces that enrich their employees’ experience and ultimately help them better deliver for their clients. This is a benchmark for corporate campuses that raises the bar for the integration of architectural design, sustainability, and workplace innovation."


Roche invested significant research and effort into the creation of their new workplace facilities.

The international organization partnered with CannonDesign to create a new campus masterplan and architectural guidelines to develop comprehensive and cohesive attributes for development. Only after these attributes were defined did the team embark on specific facility designs. This diligence translates to numerous unique features for Roche’s rejuvenated campus including:

  • A focus on urban density. Despite the campus’ location in suburban Indianapolis where density is not commonplace, the design of these new facilities and overall campus are committed to urban density.
  • Recognizing how meaningful interior and exterior environments can work together to enhance the employee experience, Roche committed to infusing the campus with each and creating ways for employees to move seamlessly between buildings.
  • The new campus spaces build on Roche’s commitment to sustainability with efficient design and engineering. As one of the largest chilled-beam installations in North America, the buildings will perform 60% better than the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) average, resulting in annual energy savings of nearly .55 cents/sq ft. 

-This article originally appeared on the CannonDesign Blog. CannonDesign is a CFE Media content partner.