Report: Reduce growth of electricity consumption

Improvements in energy efficiency can slow the growth of electricity demand over the next two decades by at least 22%, states an EPRI report.

By Source: EPRI February 13, 2009

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has released a document that highlights the results of EPRI technical report ( Assessment of Achievable Potential from Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs in the U.S.: 2010 — 2030. 1016987 ). It assesses the achievable potential for energy efficiency and demand response programs to reduce the growth rate in electricity consumption and peak demand through 2030.

This “achievable potential” represents an estimated range of savings attainable through programs that encourage the adoption of energy-efficient technologies, taking into consideration technical, economic, and market constraints. This potential does not include the impact of future codes and standards not yet enacted, or any other regulatory or policy changes (such as carbon legislation); that may contribute to even greater levels of savings.

Also highlighted are the estimated program costs associated with attaining the achievable potential reductions in electricity consumption and peak demand. The report is the first of a series of studies planned by EPRI to assess energy efficiency potential under a variety of scenarios.