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Sidebar: Consulting-Specifying Engineer HVAC Special Report

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff March 18, 2009 —Certified Rating Program standards for air handling and control equipment as mentioned in the article, as well as educational manuals such as AMCA 200, Air Systems; AMCA 201, Fans and Systems; and AMCA 202, Troubleshooting. —Design briefs for engineers and architects. —Functional commissioning tests for RTUs. —The Consortium for Energy Efficiency, which sets specifications for use by energy efficiency programs. —Downloadable Quality Installation Standard plus standards and information on QI verification protocols, quality maintenance, and quality restoration. —The Western Cooling Efficiency Center at University of California – —U.S. EPA, Fact Sheet: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking—Ban on Sale or Distribution of Pre-Charged Appliances. This site has a link to the transcript referenced in the article, which includes detailed critiques by AHRI, Danfoss, Johnson Controls, and other industry stakeholders.