Receptacle designed to protest against electrical fires

Leviton's OBC AFCI is compliant with NEC requirements and protects against electrical fires resulting from arc faults.

By Leviton December 14, 2015

Leviton’s SmartlockPro Outlet Branch Circuit (OBC) AFCI receptacle is designed to protect against electrical fires from arc faults due to damage in branch-circuit wiring and extensions to branches such as appliances and cord sets. The OBC AFCI responds by interrupting power. It is designed to automatically test the AFCI every time the reset button is depressed. A line-load reversal diagnostic feature is provided, which prevents the AFCI from being reset and stops power from being fed to the AFCI receptacle face or through to downstream devices. The device is compliant with NFPA National Electrical Code requirements for tamper-resistant receptacles in residences and childcare facilities.