Pump controls for active chilled beams

Semco's Neuton pump module is capable of controlling active chilled beams in up to five small rooms in office buildings, hospitals, schools, or other commercial buildings.

By Semco March 29, 2017

Neuton pump module consists of modified onboard software, combination temperature/humidity monitoring sensors and thermostatically controlled hydronic valves for up to five zones. While the original Neuton was designed to control up to 10 chilled beams in a single zone, the Neuton–multiple zone can control several chilled beam spaces with similar heating/cooling/humidity loads, such as single user offices, library study rooms, hospital rooms, and other small spaces. This cuts project chilled beam control equipment and installation costs by 60%, while providing personalized air comfort. Individual zone temperature is achieved through set points at the BMS or at the Neuton pump module when a BMS is absent. One Neuton and its 12-gpm pump can accommodate five offices (zones) averaging 120 sq ft each (10 x 12-ft room, load dependent), and both chilled beam retrofit and new construction projects are suitable applications.