Property Loss Prevention Solutions Available on CD-ROM

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff March 2, 2006

Consulting engineers now have access to a single technical reference library to protect facilities from fires, equipment breakdown and many other devastating property threats. Business property insurer FM Global has just released its new computer network-compatible 2006 Resource Collection CD-ROM, containing more than 350 property loss prevention data sheets, the 2006 Approval Guide published by FM Approvals and FM Global’s 2006 Property Loss Prevention Resource Catalog.

The CD-ROM’s contents answer questions on construction, automatic sprinklers, boilers and pressure vessels, extinguishing equipment, heating equipment, mechanical equipment, electrical, general and nuclear hazards, storage, water supply and welding. The data is based on 170 years of research, product testing and property loss analysis.

Additionally, the 2006 Approval Guide’s more than 45,000 listings of loss prevention products and services help product buyers purchase those fire protection, electrical and building equipment materials and services that are FM Approved and will best reduce property losses. FM Global’s 2006 catalog includes information on property loss prevention publications, kits and videos that help companies manage their property-related hazards.

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