Project profile: Data center with eNotify system

Cleveland State University's new data center incorporates automatic monitoring system, eNotify, to prevent system downtime.

By Eaton November 3, 2014

Project name: Cleveland State University data center

Project type:
Preventive maintenance support

Engineering firm:

Building type:
Educational facilities, data center

Cleveland, OH

2006 – present

Building details

Located in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland State University encompasses 85 acres and 40 buildings. Cleveland State’s 5,000 sq ft data center hosts a wide variety of equipment that keep essential services operational throughout the campus. Vital functions such as financial aid, accounts payable and receivable, and other critical services all pass through the university’s data center and require a unique power backup solution for continues uptime to that broad range of equipment.

Project details

To keep Cleveland State’s vital equipment up and running, the project team designed a solution powered by Eaton’s 9390 uninterruptible power system (UPS). With a double-conversion, 9390 UPS safeguards the data center equipment against outages, sags, surges, spikes, brownouts, line noise, frequency variation, switching transients and harmonic distortion. The UPS service includes technicians delivering 24 hour, seven-day-a-week service support with corrective maintenance coverage, remote monitoring advance response service, annual power protection audit assessment of power protection and load configuration.

With eNotify system, which provides real-time monitoring of more than 100 UPS and battery alarms. Cleveland State receives monthly reports that detail UPS status and information such as voltages, loads, temperature and humidity, as well as a summary of the top 10 performance and environmental parameters, battery events, availability percentage and comparative status against recommended specification. eNotify includes remote monitoring of both the UPS and the batteries at all times by Eaton service technicians, a level of attentiveness that allows many issues to be resolved remotely. eNotify automatically dispatches a technician directly to the CSU data center if an emergency situation is detected.

Project results

Meet uptime requirements with ease. Create UPS service configurations for all the applications. Annual preventive maintenance checks and battery preventive maintenance inspections