Products and Literature 12/15/04

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff December 16, 2004

Web-based graphical interface gives operators secure access to company’s building automation systems using basic web browser. Web pages are based on standard Internet technology—HTML and Java—and provide access to system status, events, trends, alarms and graphics 24 hrs. a day from any location with Internet access. Operators can control points and handle alarms from both systems through custom graphic pages or browse the systems via the intuitive Explorer-like view. For more information about TAC Xenta 527 click here .

Glycol Solution/Water Make-up Unit is designed for glycol solution applications such as closed-loop heating, chilled water, process systems, snowmelt and radiant heat. The unit is also for use as a break tank for potable water systems with an optional fill valve and is completely automatic to maintain minimum system pressure levels. The GMU also features a standard low-level alarm contact to stop the pump during low-level condition along with a pressure control device to provide protection from excessive pressure. For more information on the Bell & Gossett GMU click here .

Load calculation software incorporates ASHRAE radiant time series (RTS) calculation method, the prime benefit of which is improved accuracy, because the delayed effect of both radiant and conduction heat gains is factored in.ct cooling loads. For more information on Chvac7, click here .

Traveling building science workshop for architects, engineers, code officials and most other stakeholders in the construction process involves a PowerPoint CD presentation on the “Art of Building Science,” a VHS tape of scientific principles, binders on building science for all participants, plus test questions and answers. The workshop is also available as a DVD presentation for more individual study and one-on-one presentations. For more information on the building science workshop from CertainTeed click here .