Product Showcase: June 3, 2005

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff June 30, 2005

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June 3, 2005
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Here is the next edition of Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s product and system solutions showcase.

BDS-40 Battery Diagnostic System

Alber has developed a new easy-to-install Battery monitor optimized for UPS battery cabinets. BDS-40 will monitor all vital parameters and allow you to optimize useful battery life. It also utilizes Alber’s patented automatic resistance test that will alert the user before a battery cell fails allowing for battery replacement before the integrity of battery string is jeopardized. An Alber monitor on your UPS batteries will secure the weakest link in your power backup system and allow you to
Trust Your Batteries.

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Self-Test / Self-Diagnostic

BIG BEAM now offers the SD series, the new Self-Test / Self-Diagnostic emergency light and exit sign series. This new series takes away the hassle of testing the units every month. The self-diagnostics tells you what is wrong with the unit as the monthly inspection is made.

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Tjernlund’s Auto-Draft & Universal Blowers unclutter building profiles. CPC-3 Controller regulates fan speed, resulting in perfect draft and/or combustion air for optimum efficiencies. Reduce vent diameters up to 50%, eliminate large combustion air louvers. Eliminate multiple vents by common venting atmospheric, forced draft & fan assisted heaters. Side Wall vent or terminate as close as 9” above roof .

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Soffi-Steel is a commercial & institutional cover system for concealment of fire sprinkler, HVAC, plumbing & electrical projects. Designed to provide a durable, maintenance-free facing, the Soffi-Steel system is today’s premiere modular enclosure system for new construction & retrofits.

Visit our S offi- S teel website

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