Product Showcase July 7, 2005

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff July 11, 2005
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July 7, 2005
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Here is the next edition of Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s product and system solutions showcase if you would like any additional information sent to you from any of the companies below regarding their products fill out this form: Request more information about these products

Featured Products

Steam humidification with guaranteed absorption
Ultra-sorb steam dispersion panels provide guaranteed drip-free absorption for installation within inches of downstream devices — eliminating condensation worries. Panels can be installed in ducts or air-handling units and operate with any steam pressure.

Calculate absorption distances for your project with FREE Dri-calc software. Click Here.

Digital controls enhance power system performance and reliability PowerCommand

To learn how you can improve power system performance with digital controls, click here for a free white paper.

Alternative for insulated pipe applications

Cooper B-Line Armafixy solution for an insulated piping system.

Visit Cooper B-Line’s website

Belden Brilliance exhibit precise 75-ohm impedance to optimize whole-system RGB transmission performance. The Banana Peel composite cable design means no overall jacket, reducing installation time/labor. Available in two sizes: 25 AWG and 20 AWG. For free New Product Bulletin #217, call 1-800-BELDEN-4 or

Save Money and Trust Your Batteries!

Using the Alber battery test and monitoring equipment will allow you to trust your batteries. The patented Alber Resistance Test Method will detect failing cells before they become the source for a catastrophic failure. Monitoring all critical parameters that affects useful battery life will make your battery investment optimal.

Call 1-800-851-4632 or log on to for more information.

The Kohler PD-Series paralleling switchgear offers a reduced footprint, and shortened installation and start-up times. The systems are differentiated by a user-friendly control interface, common control platform across UL-ratings and voltages, and a Kohler-developed software-based system. The Kohler PD-Series is ideal for health care, data, financial, utility services, and prime power applications.

Visit Kohler’s website

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