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By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff October 19, 2004

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Special Advertising SectionDear Reader,Here is the next edition of Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s product and system solutions showcase. Browse Products: Triatek Lighting | System Sensor | Greenheck | Steril-Aire

Lighting Control Solutions TRIATEK Lighting offers ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-2001 Energy Code compliant lighting control solutions that integrate into a Building Automation System or integrate into Microsoft Internet Explorer. Products include Programmable Circuit Breaker and Relay panels, Addressable Digital Switches, Retrofit Kits, Dimming and Light Level sensors. Drawings and specifications are available on their web site.

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EXITPOINT — SYSTEM SENSOR’S NEW LIFE-SAVING SOUNDER APPLIES DIRECTIONAL SOUND System Sensor’s new ExitPoint sounder uses Directional Sound to identify escape routes leading to perimeter exits. ExitPoint, fitted in conjunction with normal building evacuation sounders, offers a way to draw people to exits in perfect visibility and in smoke. Directional Sound technology consists of a broadband, multi-frequency low-, mid- and high-range signals. The distinct directional sound helps occupants find the exit and can even guide people up or down stairs. System Sensor’s Website

GREENHECK INTRODUCES VEKTOR™ LAB EXHAUST SYSTEM Greenheck’s Vektor™ High Plume Dilution Blower, self-contained exhaust system for institutional and industrial laboratories, employs a unique discharge nozzle design that entrains additional ambient air to mix with the potentially hazardous exhaust fumes. The additional air dilutes the lab effluent and increases the discharge flow and velocity, displacing the exhaust high above the roof and away from building makeup air systems—without the need for unsightly exhaust stacks.

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Fan Coil UVC Kit New kit provides mold and IAQ control, energy savings, and reduced maintenance for fan coil systems in hotels, schools, apartments, office buildings, patient rooms, etc. Designed for easy snap-in installation, the space-saving kit contains a UVC Emitter™ and the needed hardware components to retrofit a fan coil with UVC. 800-2STERIL. Visit Steril-Aire’s Website.

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