President advised to support building plan

Policy groups have advised Barack Obama to sign a building retrofitting plan that would improve the nation's energy efficiency.

By Source: Bloomberg News August 11, 2009

Two policy groups are recommending President Barack Obama support a $500 billion plan that would improve energy efficiency in existing American buildings, according to Bloomberg News .
The groups, Center for American Progress and Energy Future Coalition , support the plan that they believe will increase energy efficiency by 40% in commercial and residential buildings by 2020, generate about 625,000 full-time jobs, and save each citizen $300 to $1,200/year in energy costs.
Buildings consume 70% of all U.S. electricity and release 40% of the nation’s greenhouse gases.
Private and public funds will support the plan’s large price tag, which will be discussed at an energy conference in Las Vegas. Politicians past and present, such as Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, will attend the conference.