Power Generation/ Emergency Power FINALISTS

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff June 28, 2005

Bi-Fuel Standby Generator by Generac Power Systems Bi-fuel standby generator has output ratings of 300 or 375 kW and can operate on up to 90% natural gas and 10% diesel fuel. Reduced consumption of diesel fuel under bi-fuel operation leads to significantly longer run times per tank of fuel, according to the manufacturer. The generator uses a method called combustion air gas integration, which introduces the proper amount of natural gas to the intake air prior to the turbocharger and takes advantage of the precision and response of the microprocessor controlling the mixture. As such, it responds instantly to an array of inputs, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the changing conditions. Additionally, knock sensors continually monitor internal combustion and detect the onset of engine knock before it occurs, thus preventing potential damage to internal components. www.generac.com

STS2/PDU by Liebert Static transfer switch provides an automatic, seamless transfer between a critical load and the outputs of two independent uninterruptible power supply systems in a dual-bus configuration. If the primary UPS fails, the switch automatically transfers the loads to the secondary UPS. The switch has triple-redundant logic, and each DSP controller is capable of working independently, in addition to monitoring the other two. If one malfunctions, the other two lock it out, and each controller has power feeds from both power supplies. All mechanical and electronic components are accessible from the front of the unit, allowing for more freedom in system design, ease of installation and service, and less floor space required for maintenance access. Additionally, the unit uses an internal CANBUS protocol for high-bandwidth communication. www.liebert.com

1600EP Series by Toshiba Uninterruptible power systems are true on-line, double-conversion units that feature hot-swappable battery packs and cooling fans,to 65 Hz and 0.85 output power factor. Overload capacity is 150% for 10 seconds, 125% for 10 minutes and 1,000% for one cycle. www.tic.toshiba.com