Plug fans for unhoused configuration

Hartzell Air Movement's Series 12 Plug Fans use the Hartzell PL type wheel.

By Hartzell Air Movement April 28, 2017

Hartzell Series 12 Plug Fans are typically used in a plenum as the fan enclosure and are used primarily as air circulators in ovens, paint booths, evaporators, kilns, or other types of industrial drying applications. The Series 12 product line was designed to be adaptable and can be quickly modified to match a customer’s existing mounting panel, plug size, and/or mounting holes. This makes it easy to switch from an existing fan to the Hartzell Series 12 Plug Fan. Additionally, full drawings will be available through Hartzell-FLOW, which allows for customers to drop our plug fan drawings into their existing drawings. The plug fans has performance up to 28,000 cfm, static pressure up to 12 in. W.G., and sizes from 12- to 30-in. wheel diameters

Hartzell Air Movement