Online boiler selection system

Website with integrated CAD solution that simplifies online boiler selection by making it easy to download or import BIM-compatible 2- and 3-D CAD/Revit objects directly into design/specification software.

By Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. February 26, 2015

This Web-based CAD download solution makes it easy to search and select the right boiler online. Featuring an extensive range of boilers, available as BIM-compatible 2- and 3-D CAD/Revit objects, users have the option to either download the object in the desired file type or directly import the object into their design/specification software. The application supports most popular file types and CAD software programs.
This CAD portfolio provides a workflow advantage by streamlining planning and design, to deliver higher-quality projects. 

Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. Inc.