New Products: Trends in IT

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff August 12, 2005

• Bentley Systems, Exton, Pa., says that thus far this year, more than 30,000 students representing the future of engineering have become empowered by MicroStation PowerDraft CAD software. The software is being offered by the BE Careers Network to all students and instructors through a free download at .

• Corecon Technologies, Huntington Beach, Calif., unveiled its Corecon 4.0 software earlier this year. The application uses web-based solutions for estimating and project management for the A/E/C industry with a built-in interface to most popular accounting software. For more information go to .

• DbaDIRECT, Florence, Ky., provides complete support for all major database platforms. The company offers firms the chance to let somebody else keep an eye on data management and if necessary, put out everyday fires while having your IT personnel’s time directed toward the activities that make a difference—areas such as business intelligence, data warehousing, application integration and process improvement. The company claims to be able to monitor databases 30% to 50% percent less expensively than a corporation can. For more information, go to .

• Elite Software, College Station, Texas, has released its Proposal Maker for creating professional sales proposals and other sales-related documents. The software contains numerous word processing features. But it’s more than just a word processor. The main advantage, say its makers, is that it creates proposals automatically from equipment selection and cost comparison results obtained from Elite’s Audit and Rhvac programs. .