New products & literature – 2002-02-01

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By Staff February 1, 2002

CSE has amended the process for retrieving additional product information. Instead of circling the corresponding number on our reader service card, please visit our Reader Service site at and enter the corresponding reader service number. Or just click on “Reader Service” from CSE’s home page at .

Fiber-optic transceiver offers an interface for ring structures containing up to 6.2 miles of single-mode fiber. Transceiver can be integrated into existing fieldbus networks or used to configure a complete fieldbus network with a line or redundant ring structure. (OZD Genius G12 by Hirschmann Electronics)

Fire-alarm network connects up to 64 fire-alarm control panels in a high-speed, peer-to-peer network. It operates at 625K Baud and can accommodate up to 25,000 intelligent points. (NetSOLO by Fire Control Instruments)

Two-stage poppet valve includes an integrated bypass-valve. This pneumatically-actuated device features a compact size that fits into tight system space constraints. (LoPro by MKS Instruments)

Ceiling-duct filter delivers clean air to hospital operating suites and other health-care environments using the same filtration technology developed for critical applications in the cleanroom industry. Offers particle-capture efficiencies of up to 99.9995% at 0.1 micron particle size. (Slimline RSR by Camfil Farr)

Five-port Ethernet switch is designed to perform under demanding industrial conditions and withstand a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. Runs on the DC power already available in control cabinets, eliminating the need for AC-outlet transformers. (758-500 by Wago)

Digital static-transfer switch adds redundancy at the point of use, and provides instantaneous power transfers between two AC sources. Located right at the load it is protecting, the unit safeguards critical equipment from possible upstream failures. (20A by Cyberex)

Low-flow hydronic cartridge valve has low Cv ratings for proportional control with both NPT and sweat fittings. A power-failure return offers fail-safe operation in both floating and modulating actuators. (VC Series by Honeywell)

Variable-speed compressor is designed to provide efficiency over its wide flow range of 20% to 100%. Compressor packages are available from 100 hp to 215 hp, with flows from 130 cfm to 1001 cfm. Also featuring sound-dampening enclosure. (Sigma Frequency Control by Kaeser Compressors)

Underfloor fan terminal enhances the comfort and functionality of underfloor air-distribution systems. The integrated variable-speed fan can better accommodate varying heating and cooling loads in both the perimeter zones and interior rooms of a building. (UFT by Greenheck)

Gas transmitter continuously monitors the level of combustible gases, from zero to 100% LEL. The infrared sensor provides long-term stability, low maintenance costs and a five-year warranty. (WorksAlone II by Industrial Scientific Corp.)

Light switch provides four factory-programmed light levels, with an on/off switch. The control also has a built-in infrared receiver that can interface with a remote control. (Address Pro by Rudd Lighting)

Emergency fluorescent-ballast packs allow lighting fixtures to operate under both normal and emergency conditions. During line-voltage interruptions, the ballast pack will automatically switch to emergency mode and provide 90 minutes of operation for standard linear fluorescent lighting fixtures. (200 Series by High-Lites)

Fire-fighting pump system provides fire-control in an economical package. This self-contained unit saves on engineering and installation time and takes up less space. (Pre-Pac by Patterson Pump Co.)

Toilet-fill valve can be used as a replacement for traditional valves. In addition, its faster to install and comes with a five-year warranty. The valve fits two-piece toilets and meets applicable plumbing codes. It is also available with a repair kit. (NexGen Fill Valve by Dearborn Brass)

Plastic-molded cooling tower offers capacities up to 2,000 cooling tons and provides longer life than traditional metal towers without the high budgeted costs. Other features include a unitarily molded leak-proof sump with I-beam pockets, large-orifice spray nozzles, seamless high-density polyethylene shell and direct-drive fans. (TM Series Cooling Tower by Delta)

Wafer valve , with a piston actuator, offers on/off or modulating control for steam and utility service applications, as well as most liquids and gases. Weighing less than the flanged bodies common on pneumatic control valves, it never exceeds 90 pounds. (Mark 75 by Jordan Valve)

Floor-mounted boxsupport positions electrical boxes 16 in. above the floor in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Provides easy and efficient compliance to most new construction requirements. (FMBS16 by Erico)

Display module is a 1/2-VGA module at a price comparable to existing 1/4-VGA units. It is an addressable graphics panel of 480 x 320 dot resolution and uses LCD technology for a clear display. (Maximiser2 by Densitron)

Building-management software includes an off-line dialog box to improve database management and user efficiency and has an expanded HVAC-application-specific graphics library. It is designed for Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 workstations. (Insight 3.3 by Siemens)

Flipper solenoid valves with isolating diaphragms are big performers in liquid handling systems used for low internal volume and high pressure applications. (Type 6127/6128 and Type 6607/6608 by Burkert)

Electric actuators for large valves and dampers are ideal for applications such as fresh-air and exhaust-air dampers, air-handling units, inlet-guide vanes and variable-frequency drives. In addition, two actuators mounted in tandem can be easily installed on multi-sectional dampers or linear valves. (M9132 Series by Johnson Controls)

Component sourcebook for ventilation systems in animal laboratories includes a section on the ventilation of rodent holding rooms, with details on connecting ventilated cage racks to building ventilation systems. The book also contains a compilation of standards and guidelines. (Vivarium Sourcebook by Phoenix Controls)

Industrial networking system consists of redundant intelligent switches, modular hubs and hub agents, network management software and an Ethernet in-line fieldbus coupler. Components can function as individual networking components on an Ethernet network, or can be integrated into an automation solution. Interconnection technology allows for easy installation, configuration and integration into industrial network architectures. (Factory line by Phoenix Contact)

On-line users network provides subscribers with articles, tips and technical support to help them operate their HVAC system. Downloadable libraries of standard graphic and control applications enhance productivity for system users. On-line software updates are also available. (Tracer Summit Users Network Program by Trane)

Surge-suppression system features proprietary fusing, filter assembly and precise current sharing for mission-critical facilities with zero tolerance for downtime or data corruption. An on-line remote-monitoring system offers constant, real-time analysis. The system is available in 100KA to 300KA surge current capacity and also easily attaches to all UL-listed switchgear. (SELect by Current Technology)

Data-transmission system for secure video teleconferencing is FM-based and fiber-optic bi-directional. Stand-alone units operate on 24VAC. (NTK3862 by NewTek)

Y-strainers for liquid, gas or steam services are designed for heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications. These cast-iron and bronze strainers are available in up to 10 in. in ratings and 200 to 500 psi. (Model 85 by Hayward Industrial Products)

Metal-halide lamp provides 11,400 initial lumens, 8,000 mean/design lumens and a color temperature of 4,000 Kelvin. Compared to a traditional 175-watt lamp, this lamp offers 800 more lumens at 6,000 hours, and 50% more hours of life. The lamp reduces ultraviolet light output by 70 to 80% and has a color-rendering index. (MP 125 by Venture Lighting)