New products & literature – 2001-06-01

Luminaries for industrial, retail and public facilities feature die-cast aluminum electrical enclosures, a heat/shock-resistant glass optical chamber and a corrosion-resistant finish. These lamps can be used both indoors and outdoors and can reduce refractor uplight to approximately 15 percent for diffuse downlight.

By Staff June 1, 2001

Luminaries for industrial, retail and public facilities feature die-cast aluminum electrical enclosures, a heat/shock-resistant glass optical chamber and a corrosion-resistant finish. These lamps can be used both indoors and outdoors and can reduce refractor uplight to approximately 15 percent for diffuse downlight. (Kaleidoshade by ExceLine)

Circle 1

Adjustable micro-speed drive enables up to 250 percent more torque at 1 Hz, with a speed regulation of 0.5 percent over 60:1 speed range. This model helps users standardize one product for the following applications: single-phase input, DC-bus terminals, zero inch side-clearance requirement, completely programmable digital and analog I/O and antiwindmilling control. (S9 by Toshiba)

Circle 2

Natural gas engine-driven centrifugal chiller refrigerates up to 600 tons and employs variable-speed controls. The coefficient of performance (COP) is 1.95, and an ARI-550 part-load NPLV COP can reach as high as 2.44, based on a higher heating value of natural gas. The chiller uses refrigerant HFC-134a, which has no phase-out date. (YB Millennium by York International)

Circle 3

Emergency call system offers interactive communication between the caller and emergency-response personnel, ensuring that the exact location of the caller is immediately recognized for safe evacuation. A red light flashes rapidly and an alert tone sounds to assure the caller that the system has been activated. A high-intensity light will then flash and an alert tone sounds to notify the emergency-response personnel of a call. (Pro-Alert 450 by Jeron)

Circle 4

Adjustable-frequency drive interfaces with a variety of building-automation systems. Each drive comes standard with an RS-485 interface, which allows direct operation of the drive from a PC, and two built-in PID controllers that reduce the need for other controlling devices in an HVAC system. (VLT 6000 by Danfoss Graham)

Circle 5

Circuit breaker issues alarms and supplies a data history of breaker operations to help users increase power delivery and improve power quality. The circuit breaker has remote monitoring and programming data and is compatible with most power circuit breakers. (OPTImizer+ by INCON)

Circle 6

Exit signs withstand cold temperature, wet location and high-abuse environments. The signs are constructed with cast-aluminum and shielded by a UV-stable polycarbonate cover secured by stainless-steel tamperproof screws. (Extreme by Lithonia Lighting)

Circle 7

Modular ball-valve system offers a variety of customized temperature, pressure and level/flow-control functions. This system is available in two versions: a standalone unit with single or double actuation, or a complete continuous process control-valve system with a head unit. (265X Quarter-Turn Ball Valve System by Burkert)

Circle 8

Programmable meter measures the flow of liquids by utilizing an advanced calorimetric principle. The meter is a dual function system that measures flow and temperature simultaneously, with two isolated flow set points and one isolated temperature set point, as well as linearized analog outputs. (Model 4460 by Weber)

Circle 9

Block terminals offer an assortment of types for most circuits and function from control to low-level power. The line can handle dense installations — up to 61 terminals on as little as 12 inches of DIN-rail and it suits most industrial supplications . (V7-W by Sprecher + Schuh)

Circle 10

Steam traps feature a balanced-pressure, thermostatic design that saturates temperature and assures positive condensate removal under a wide variety of pressures and condensing rates. They are constructed entirely of 316L stainless steel, and available with either sanitary ferrule or tube-end connections. (DS100 by Spense Engineering Company, Inc.)

Circle 11

Flowmeters measure dirty or opaque fluids and operate at pressures as high as 1,500 psi. They are constructed with durable aluminum or stainless-steel bodies and indicate flow values on dials. The instrument measures flows from 0 to 2 gallons/hour up to 30 gallons/minute. (Series 2000 by Orange Research)

Circle 12

High-density data poke-through can accommodate up to 35 Cat-5e data cables and is supplied with the necessary intumescent material to ensure a 4-hour fire rating. The cable’s brass cover can accommodate up to a 2-inch conduit adapter. (FPT-400 by Thomas & Betts)

Circle 13

Air-filtration system utilizes variable-speed motors with heating/cooling units. Individual units are also available using controllers for stand-alone applications where finite speed control is required. These systems are programmable, allowing for wide variations of speed/air flow control. (Pure Air Systems)

Circle 14

Electronic ballasts for T8 lamps offer parallel lamp operation, a standard mounting footprint and wiring for easier replacement. These ballasts feature a ballast factor of 0.78, which is ideal for retrofitting T12 energy-saving lamps. (Triad T8 by MagneTek)

Circle 15

Automatic transfer switch provides protection from power interruptions, voltage disturbances or power irregularities, where two loads are being served by two sources. The switch is designed for automatic three-phase source transfer with load-break sectionalizing capabilities as well as vacuum-fault interruption capability for each independent load. The switch is for use on distribution systems rated 15 kV to 27 kV with up to 600 amp continuous. (SF6 Source/Dual Load Automatic Transfer Switch by Powell-ESCO Company)

Circle 16

Motor meets the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s high-efficiency levels will help those in the Northeast, Northwest, California and parts of Wisconsin, where utility-run incentive programs financially encourage the purchase of higher efficiency motors. The motors have an insulation system that protects against voltage spikes. (Leeson)

Circle 17

Environment-control system for computer rooms and telecommunication centers offers 2 to 30 ventilating units in up-flow and down-flow configurations plus single-or-double blower variations. Other units for industrial processes include specialized gas-phase air purification modules to ensure that the air is free from contaminants. (EcosAire by Dectron)

Circle 18

Flexible electrical conduit offers EMI/RFI sheilding for traditional wiring in communications, radar and data-transmission applications. Available in three sizes, this waterproof conduit offers shielding effectiveness ranging from 126dB at 1MHz to 120 dB at 1GHz. (Liquatite by Electri-Flex)

Circle 19

Streamer for overhead temporary lighting has sockets that are spaced at 10-feet intervals with a 5-feet lead and tail, and are attached to a cable and equipped with an internal crushproof reinforcing ring and an external grounding ring. (Heavy-Duty Lighting Streamer by Duraline)

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