New Products & Literature – 2001-03-01

The latest in building-system componentry from our March issue.

By Staff March 1, 2001

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Automation & Controls

Building-automation software has the ability to integrate multivendor control devices into one common, Internet-enabled interface. This Java-based product allows the user to create a unique interface for a building, and eliminates the need to limit different building systems to a single control protocol. (Vykon by Tridium) Circle 13

Building-control interface utilizes a configurable touch-screen device to monitor building information in a single-or multiple-site facility. These LAN-compatible units are equipped with inputs for monitoring electricity usage, demand and phase loss, temperature, lighting levels and more. (Lingo by Novar Controls) Circle 18

Building-automation system offers a Web-based user interface that can be safely accessed from anywhere with a Web browser. Developed around open standards, this software allows the user to set and change schedules, graphically trend building conditions and view building alarms or events. (WebCTRL by Automated Logic) Circle 21

Programmable HVAC controller consists of a combination of digital and analog inputs and outputs for tasks such as pump and fan control. This LonMark-compatible controller is designed for installation adjacent to the equipment it controls, fitting into a standard enclosure or control panel. (Xenta 300 by T.A.C.) Circle 29

Communication bridge
allows the user to interface non-Lonworks controllers, devices and networks to Lonworks systems. This protocol-translating device can work with BACnet, Modbus, DF1, Profibus and other protocols, and accept input from VFDs, chillers, boiler controls, PLCs and fire-alarm panels. (Model 8051 by Sierra Monitor Corporation) Circle 31


Wireless optical-communications system is ideal for facilities that require broadband communications but have no direct access to fiber-optic cable. By transmitting data at speeds ranging from 155 megabits to 1.25 gigabits per second, these eye-safe devices are suitable for use in point-to-point private line connections, high-speed inter-LAN connectivity and short-haul campus links. (SONAbeam by fSONA) Circle 4

Fiber-optic mounting plate accommodates 12 MT-RJ dual-polarity adapters, and is ideal for applications where equipment room space is limited. Part of a series that support a variety of different adapters, this plate fits onto wall- and rack-mount patch panels and supports a variety of different adapters. (Fiber Mounting Plate by Leviton Voice and Data) Circle 36


Surge protector
is housed in a weather-resistant enclosure to protect outdoor equipment common in broadband or wireless installations. Rated for use at temperatures from -20°C to 70°C, this device is designed to safeguard radio towers and power systems. (DCWR 48 by AC Data Solutions) Circle 8

Harmonic filters can be applied on SCR rectifiers as well as six-pulse rectifiers using AC line reactors or DC chokes. These units, which accomplish broadband harmonic filtering with a very low capacitance, can minimize harmonic distortion involving fans, pumps, water-treatment facilities, HVAC systems, AC or DC motor drives and more. (Matrix by MTE Corporation) Circle 11

Switchgear offers a method of operating a single generator set. 20 to 2,000 kW, 800 to 4,000 amps. in closed transition-paralleling with a utility power source. Designed to provide savings for utility peak shaving, export to utility and interruptible-rate programs, this unit incorporates software-based touch-screen monitoring and control. (PD-100 by Kohler) Circle 12

Gas engine combines low emissions and lean-burn combustion with reduced intake-port restriction and open-chamber combustion. This twelve-cylinder, gaseous-fueled engine is ideal for use in continuous and peak-shaving applications and is also available packaged with a generator. (VHP Series Four L5794LT by Dresser Equipment) Circle 17

Flywheel-based UPS system
has models available at 300 kVA, 600 kVA and 900 kVA. These 97-percent-efficient systems protect critical electrical loads from power disturbances and provide an uninterrupted transition to a standby generator set. (UPS 300, 600 and 900 by Caterpillar Engine Division) Circle 25

Solar-panel brochure profiles a complete line of solar-power systems for commercial and industrial buildings. These units, including controllers, inverters, panels and mounting structures, can help provide electricity for peak-shaving or backup power applications. (Atlantic Solar Products) Circle 27

Cooling-tower motors are designed to operate in 100-percent-humidity conditions and other corrosive environments. Created to operate with a low amount of maintenance, these motors feature double-seated bearings that ensure that contaminants are kept out. (Epact by Emerson Motors) Circle 28

Fire Safety & Security

Monochrome camera
combines high sensitivity with four-position programmable backlight compensation, making it ideal for security monitoring under challenging lighting conditions. This 400-line horizontal-resolution camera has a 50 dB signal-to-noise ratio that assures image quality will not be jeopardized during digital-video compression. (IK-528A by Toshiba) Circle 6

Bomb-defense education program is designed to provide architects, developers and engineers with strategies for protecting property and employees against devastating explosions. This kit includes a 40-minute audio tape and a correlating wall chart that explains the value of integrating bomb defense into a security plan. (‘Practical Bomb Defense’ by The RJA Group/PKC) Circle 23

Horizontal sidewall sprinkler is UL listed at 135°F to 200°F in standard and recessed styles. Featuring room coverage of up to 16 ft. by 20 ft., these quick-response sprinklers come in brass, chrome and white and black polyester finishes. (Globe Fire Sprinkler) Circle 26

Duct wrap and board has been approved for the fire protection of ventilation and exhaust ducts. These two-hour-rated fire-protection systems were tested according to ISO Standard 6944 and ASTM E-814. (Firetemp by Johns Manville) Circle 33

Fire-suppression module controls the release of extinguishing agents with two fully supervised release circuits, three built-in timers and four abort modes. Ideal for computer rooms, laboratories and other areas where traditional sprinklers would damage sensitive equipment, this device can be installed as a part of the fire-alarm system, eliminating the need for a separate releasing panel. (Siga-Rel by Edwards Systems Technology) Circle 35

Translucent fire vent provides a low-profile design, thermal insulation and natural daylight to facilities such as factories, warehouses and auditoriums. Designed to open automatically in the event of a fire, this vent features a polycarbonate glazing that allows light transmittance but minimizes solar heat gain. (Lumivent by Bilco) Circle 39


Packaged chilled-water unit is designed to cool facilities with high heat-load densities. This 60-ton environmental-control unit handles cooling, reheating, dehumidifying, humidifying and filtering functions, with a variety of control options and packages available. (60-ton ICS by Liebert) Circle 7

Gas-fired heat exchanger has a tube-in-shell design with a floating tube bundle. Featuring a compact design, these units may be used in either open- or closed-loop applications and obtain a combustion efficiency above 90 percent. (Magnum 600 by Callabresi Combustion Systems) Circle 14

Plate heat exchanger offers recovery efficiencies of up to 75 percent. This counterflow heat exchanger with no moving parts uses a blend of desiccants in synthetic fiber media to reduce air-conditioning loads in the summer and heating and humidification loads in the winter. (Z-Duct-SPL by Des Champs Laboratories) Circle 24


Daylighting controls
include dimming systems, on/off switching control systems and exterior control systems. Easily integrated with other lighting controls, this system can facilitate multizone dimming and switching control from a single photocell. (LightSaver by The Watt Stopper) Circle 3

Concealed cove fixtures offer a wide range of design choices for architectural applications. In one housing fixture, the designer has the option of four lamp types, seven lumen-output levels, a low-angle forward throw and three mounting angles. Lamp options include fluorescent and compact-fluorescent models. (Cove-25 and -30 by Litecontrol) Circle 5

Electronic ballasts are specifically designed for quad- and triple-tube compact-fluorescent lamps. These units adjust automatically to any input voltage between 120V and 277V and are available in steel or plastic cases. (World Ballast Series by Robertson) Circle 9

Linear lighting system offers a range of T8 and T5 high-output fluorescent lamps for suspended and wall-mounted and lighting. Available in a variety of styles and colors, these systems are guaranteed for quick shipping, making them ideal for fast timeline projects. (Steelform by Ledalite) Circle 22

Cutoff floodlight features an optical system that directs the beam to its specific area. Ideal for parking lots or outdoor sporting facilities, these fixtures are available in three sizes (12, 16 and 22 in.) with three lamp choices (pulse-start metal halide, metal halide and high-pressure sodium). (CF Series by Ruud Lighting) Circle 32

Round compact-fluorescent luminaires feature translucent faux alabaster or uniform-color diffusers in three diameters. These fixtures offer a number of different styles, ornaments and hanging options. (Orbis by Excelite) Circle 38


Vacuum plumbing system uses differential air pressure to transport waste from plumbing fixtures through a piping network to a sewer or wastewater treatment plant. This system, specifically designed for correctional facilities, requires only 1/2 gallon of water to flush and uses smaller-diameter piping than conventional systems. (AcornVac by Acorn Engineering) Circle 1

Plastic-piping handbook includes information on a wide range of products for nearly any piping requirement. In addition to supplying specification details on plastic pipe, valves and fittings, this handbook offers engineers a reference of technical data on material and system selection and piping installation. (Engineering Handbook by George Fischer) Circle 2

Temperature-actuated valve operates without any external power source and helps protect pumps from the effects of high water temperatures. Suited for use with centrifugal pumps for domestic water in high-rise buildings, valve opens at the desired water-temperature limit to prevent damage from expansion of a pump’s rotating parts. (Econo/HAT/RA by Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc.) Circle 10

Ceramic gas diffusers supply acceptable dissolved-oxygen levels for water- and wastewater-treatment applications such as biological wastewater treatment, potable water disinfecting or groundwater-remediation sites. These units feature dome-shaped, aluminum-oxide diffuser devices on either a plastic or stainless-steel base. (Model FBP/FBS by Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc.) Circle 15

Variable-speed circulator takes a signal from an outside source and responds by varying pump speed accordingly. Available on three different pump models, these units are ideal for use in primary/secondary piping configurations and allow the user to match the output with the demand on a fully modulating basis. (VS by Grundfos) Circle 19

PVC tubing can withstand up to four times the pressure of conventional PVC. Available as straight or flexible, these piping systems can be specified for plumbing, potable water and chemical transfer applications. (Raufilam and Rauflex by Rehau) Circle 20

Tank-level indicator provides quick assessment of liquid levels in tanks. Ideal for ultrapure or corrosive liquids, this device features double-wall construction and is easily mounted vertically in a piping system. Mounted horizontally, it can also be used as a sight flow tube. (Series TLI by Dwyer Instruments) Circle 30

Fine-bubble aeration system easily retrofits into existing aeration tanks, basins and lagoons, making it ideal for uninterrupted installation in activated sludge, aerobic digesters and aerated lagoons. Installed from the surface, this system can be installed in basins with irregular bottoms, eliminating the need for basin draining. (Biomixer Corporation) Circle 34

Inline flowmeter is ideally suited for low-flow gas measurement. The flow-meter’s advanced thermal-mass sensing element delivers measurement over a wide flow range, making it ideal for wastewater treatment and natural gas applications. (FlexMASSter by Fluid Components International) Circle 37