New products & literature – 2000-11-01

Combined plumbing/fire-sprinkler system is based on a stainless-steel four-port fitting attached to the sprinkler head. Cold-water manifolds feed the 1/2-in. tubing directly to the fitting, while remaining outlets on the fittings are used to feed other sprinkler heads or cold-water plumbing fixtures.

By Staff November 1, 2000

Combined plumbing/fire-sprinkler system is based on a stainless-steel four-port fitting attached to the sprinkler head. Cold-water manifolds feed the 1/2-in. tubing directly to the fitting, while remaining outlets on the fittings are used to feed other sprinkler heads or cold-water plumbing fixtures. (Wirsbo) Circle 1

Electronic thermostats come in either 20-V or 110-V varieties and are designed to match the contemporary interiors of modern buildings. Three models are available: simple on/off control of heating and cooling; on/off control with fan-speed adjustment; and precise heating and cooling control with a standard 0-10 VDC output. (Dragon series by Siemens Building Technologies) Circle 2

500-volt electronic loads are available in 300- and 600-watt configurations, and can operate down to 2.5 volts and the maximum current rating. The loads are ideal for testing power-factor corrected outputs, AC/DC and DC/DC converters and power-storage devices. (MML series by Sorenson) Circle 3

Online project management saves time and effort at each step in a project’s lifespan. With this tool, project participants can submit and retrieve documents, route their review and approval status, schedule calendar events, engage in group discussions and mark-up drawings and documents in real time. The tool serves as a repository for project information and an audit trail of events that occurred during the project. (e-Builder) Circle 4

Electronic ballasts incorporate a universal input-voltage feature, which allows operation on any voltage system between 108 and 305 volts. These ballasts are designed for instant-start/parallel-circuit operation of T8 lamps, and operate at a THD of less than 10 percent. (Centium by Advance Transformer) Circle 5

Freeze-protection valve operates without electrical power and installs easily on backflow preventers. These valves operate mechanically, using a temperature-sensitive thermal actuator with stainless-steel piston. During nonfreezing water conditions, the actuator piston closes the valve by pushing against its brass spring/O-ring seal. When surrounding air and water temperatures drop to 34°F, the thermal element in the actuator contracts, pulling the piston back and opening the valve. (40-FPV Series by Conbraco) Circle 6

Automatic air vent is designed so that accumulated air in piping allows a float to drop, causing air to be vented through a valve. As liquid level rises, the float rises to close off the valve. This device features an antirotation and antivibration float system, and its compact size makes it easy to install. (Number 400 model y Bell & Gossett) Circle 7

Switch-rated plugs and receptacles are compact 20-, 30- and 60-amp watertight devices for use in industrial, commercial and marine applications. These devices have been UL-listed under 98/508/1682 and are rated for a maximum of 20 hp at 480 VAC. (DSN6 Series by Meltric) Circle 8

Geothermal system interacts with traditional heating and cooling systems to reduce energy needs. This retrofitting product is a refrigerant-management module. When combined with a buried earth loop, gas-heating unit and air conditioner, this device provides efficiency in heating and cooling. (SynDex by CoEnergies, LLC) Circle 9

Air-intake system draws outside air in through a 3-in. PVC pipe and tempers it with inside air before delivering it. Available in fresh- and combustion-air models, these systems are compactly designed for easy installation. (In-Forcer by Tjernlund Products) Circle 10

Beacon indicator is a low-profile, audible and visual device that features three super-bright LED-color combinations. This indicator also features the ability to stack one additional lens module and light source to provide for four visual signals in one unit. (Chameleon 108 by Edwards Signaling Products) Circle 11

Card-reader system offers a variety of sizes and read ranges. All come with an LED control, buzzer annunciation and guaranteed HID compatibility. (OmniProx by Northern Computers) Circle 12

Flush valves feature a chemical- and clog-resistant diaphragm kit designed to eliminate the problems of fixture evacuation, run-on, sediment buildup and the degradation of rubber components caused by chloramination. The valve is also supplied with an ADA-compliant handle, a vandal-resistant control stop cover, a cast wall flange with setscrews, a high-pressure vacuum breaker and a sweat-solder adapter kit. (Aquavantage-AV by Zurn) Circle 13

Battery-monitoring system is designed specifically for three-phase UPS and utilizes fiber-optic technology to provide rapid transmission of information. This modular system continuously monitors the entire battery system, including string- and cell-level voltage, internal resistance, current and temperature throughout the charge, discharge and float periods. (Cellwatch by Invensys Power Systems) Circle 14

Hazardous-duty lighting fixtures provide task illumination in locations where combustible gases may be present by preventing explosive vapors from entering the unit. Unlike containment enclosures, this device purges potentially explosive gases with a continuous supply of fresh air. (Haztex by Woodhead L.P.) Circle 15

Fogging system increases gas-turbine energy production by lowering the temperature of the inlet air, giving a higher mass-flow rate and pressure ratio. The system utilizes a series of pumps and nozzles to atomize water into small droplets that are distributed in the inlet air stream where they evaporate and cool the air. (Turbofog by Munters) Circle 16

Freezeless ground hydrants are available in bury depths from 1 in. to 6 in. and feature a cast-iron head with locking handle and a stainless-steel operating rod. Travel adjustments are accomplished with a double-nut assembly, eliminating set screws. (C-240 by Prier) Circle 17

Online equipment auction has HVAC components that are listed directly by their manufacturers. This site offers a variety of auction styles for acquiring this excess inventory. ( Circle 18

Mobile CAD software is available for use on handheld computing devices, enabling engineers to create, view and edit files directly in the field. This device allows interaction with desktop machines and is available as a download on the Internet. (PocketCAD by Arc Second Inc.) Circle 19

Fluorescent luminaires combine specular reflectors with biaxial and T5 high-output lamps, and are designed specifically for storage, assembly, inspection and receiving areas. Light output levels can be fine-tuned from 11,000 to 36,500 lumens to closely match all application requirements. (Holophane) Circle 20

Rooftop heating and cooling units feature two compressors with independent refrigeration circuits that are charged with HCFC-22. These units range in sizes from 6-1/2 tons to 12-1/2 tons, and are available configured as cooling only; cooling with electric heat; and cooling with gas heat and heat pump. (DL/DU Series by York) Circle 21

Electrical monitoring system is designed to allow site power-network managers to monitor the electrical current usage of each individual branch circuit. Primary uses of this device include billing administration at collocation facilities as well as the diagnosis of electrical circuit-overload situations. (BCMS by Power Distribution) Circle 22

Combined fire-detection-and-suppression system is designed to protect equipment cabinets, enclosures and other structures of 250 cubic feet or smaller. Through the use of linear pneumatic heat-detection tubing, this system can detect fires inside enclosures and use the same tubing to deliver the extinguishing agent. (Firetrace Intl.) Circle 23

Collocation cabinets are field-configurable, featuring reversible hinge and latching systems, rack angles that adjust front to back, vertically adjustable inside barriers and additional door-mounting holes. Electrical outlets on the power side and RGR45 jacks on the data side improve cable management. (Co-location Cabinet by Hoffman) Circle 24

Cooling-tower motors are designed for application in air-stream extreme-moisture environments. Motors have a cast-iron construction with bearing cavities that are sealed from moisture, making them ideal for wet atmospheres. In models ranging from 3 to 100 hp. (Cooling Tower Motor by Reliance Electric) Circle 25

HVAC unit con trollers incorporate LonTalk technology to support fan coils, water-source heat pumps and unit ventilators. Features include Internet Protocol communications, graphical trending and display in four different languages. (Tracer Controllers by Trane Intl.) Circle 26

Security-management system is ideal for protecting single buildings, networked campuses and multisite enterprises. This system provides capabilities for controlling building access, displaying alarms, integrating CCTV images on computer workstations, monitoring intrusion points and issuing photo-ID badges. (iSecure Pro by Simplex) Circle 27

IAQ monitors are hand-held devices for surveys and long-term data logging of IAQ indicators. This tool simultaneously monitors and records carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, toxic-gas levels and linear outputs from third-party sensors. An additional model performs continuous, unattended monitoring. (Quest Technologies) Circle 28

Thermoplastic damper system regulates airflow from a building or through a duct system. The dampers are flanged and can be mounted to a building wall-allowing entry and exit-or flanged to a duct system to control air volumes. (Tri-Mer Corporation) Circle 29

Dimensional lighting CD-ROM allows users to try special lighting applications at a computer workstation. The CD also offers technical information on company’s lighting products, with photography of fixtures and systems. (Interactive Dimensional Lighting CD-ROM by Progress Lighting) Circle 30

Web server allows for the management of LonWorks-based facilities using a Web browser. Users can adjust environmental conditions such as heating, lighting and security authorization by changing set points and operational parameters from any workstation. (Xenta 511 by TAC) Circle 31

Alarm-reporting software integrates fire, security, building-management, CCTV and card-access alarms and indicates problems on the alarm-monitoring system. LAN or other network-communications protocols can link multiple workstations for multiuser capability. (CGRMS software by Digitize) Circle 32

CCTV transmission system provides video or data transmission via fiber-optic cable for improved surveillance system performance. Signals are immune to radio-frequency interference, electromagnetic interference and crosstalk because the video carrier is infrared light and is transmitted through a nonconductive fiber-optic cable. (LTC 4600 and 4700 by Philips) Circle 33

PLC management software identifies logic, data and documentation changes and provides troubleshooting information. This Windows-based system allows for easier control of plant operations through on-screen results and controls. (GE Compare by GE Fanuc) Circle 34

Digital camera is a 1/3-in. CCD color model with over 520 lines of horizontal resolution, ideal for applications where visual verification is required. The camera provides two-mode backlight compensation, which is user-selectable. In addition, this device can accept both DC and video-type auto-iris lenses and is compatible with CS mount lenses. (VCC-6574 by Sanyo) Circle 35

Explosion-protected control station accommodates every type of wiring system and termination and can be installed into any type of hazardous area. Features include IP66 enclosures with a formed-in-place gasket, a large variety of operations, two bottom entries for Zone 1 conduit, captive corrosion resistant cover screws and enclosures in anti-static EExe materials. (SpecOne Explosion Protect Control Stations by Cooper Crouse-Hinds) Circle 36

Digital time-lapse recorder is designed specifically for professional security applications. The recorder provides 500 lines of resolution to capture high-quality images when used with high-performance CCTV cameras. This device features a built-in 16-channel color multiplexer for advanced systems applications. (AG-DTL1 by Panasonic) Circle 37

Air-cooled rotary-screw compressor chillers from 48 to 108 tons are available in compact, standard and extended- length configurations. Ultra-low-noise fans are optional and the model is equipped with advanced proactive microcomputer and BACnet compatibility. (ACDX-B Air- Cooled Chillers by Dunham-Bush) Circle 38

Direct form factor replacement for 8-pin plug-in signal conditioning modules allow users to choose from 6 different input signals including current, voltage, thermocouple, RTD, potentiometer and frequency. Each input signal is available with either current or voltage output and is offered in both AC-and DC-powered versions. (8-pin Plug-in Form Factor by GE Fanuc Automation) Circle 39

Surge protector is designed to work within building-entry/main-service panels in demanding facilities such as hospitals, manufacturing plants and air-traffic-control stations. This 400-kA peak unit suppresses transient voltages and keeps sensitive equipment running (SF440XT Series by MCG Surge Protection) Circle 40

Effluent pumps are available in 10 and 20-gpm models and have a 1-1/4-in. NPT threaded discharge. UL and SSPMA certified, these multistage, high-head pumps are ideal for handling filtered effluent in commercial applications. (STEP Plus by Sta-Rite) Circle 41

400-psi refillable refrigerant cylinders and refrigerant-recovery cylinders for use in commercial, industrial and residential applications are available in 30-, 50-, 123-and a100-lb. sizes. Cylinders meet ARI guidelines and government specifications for CFC, HCFC, and HFC recovered refrigerants and are annealed in atmospherically controlled furnaces that have clean, dry interiors. (DOT 4BA and 4BW refillable refrigerant cylinders by Worthington Cylinders) Circle 42

Chemical-metering pump for use in the oil, gas, pulp-and-paper, food-and-beverage, pharmaceutical and water-treatment industries. Heavy-duty power-train design includes ceramic plungers, Teflon encapsulated O-rings and pressure gauges up to 5,000 psi. Pump provides the ability to mount up to 8 pump heads per motor, thus allowing the use of multiple chemicals or pump head types. (86 Series Chemical Metering Pump by LINC Manufacturing) Circle 43

Die-cast aluminum exit signs feature illumination using LED lamp technology. The unit may be end-, wall- or ceiling-mounted and is designed to function as a double or single-face exit sign. Compliant with UL 924 standards, it comes with choice of red or green LEDs. (Sure-Lites CX Exit Sign by Cooper Lighting) Circle 44

Branch/feeder-type breaker provides multiple circuit-breaker functions while protecting against fire due to arcing. When the breaker detects an arc fault, it opens the electrical circuit and de-energizes the fault. Available in 15- and 20-amp ratings and in plug-in and bolt-in style. (AFCI breaker by Siemens Energy and Automation) Circle 45