New Products for Special Environments: Computing Platform, Mobile Data Center, Rugged Switches and Transformers

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff March 16, 2005

Substation computing platform is designed to replace office-grade PCs in control house environments. Along with protocol gateway for connecting older and newer equipment, the units are said to improve reliability and decrease maintenance in electrical substations and plant facilities. They are designed and tested to meet IEEE C37.90 and IEC requirements, have no moving parts or fans, operate over the range of -40° to +75°C and have an innovative watchdog processor to detect and alarm system problems. For more information on 3351 from SEL, click here .

Mobile data center is an on-demand mobile data center designed for businesses working on transitional IT projects or developing robust business continuity and disaster recovery programs. With a Tier 4 design that is self-contained and can be populated with standard IT equipment such as servers and internetworking gear, the unit requires no existing indoor IT real estate or prep-work at the client site, and can be immediately deployed from single in-stock architecture. For more on InfraStruXure Express from APC, click here .

Data Switch is designed to withstand the extreme temperature range of -17°C to +75°C. The switch has an all-aluminum enclosure for added durability and shielding, self-wiping contacts and front-panel knob operation. It also features DB9 female connectors on the A and COM rear-panel ports and one DB9 female connector on the B front-panel port. For more information on Model 8100 from Electro Standard, click here .

Transformer for harsh environments is encapsulated in epoxy and housed in a 304 stainless steel enclosure to make it impervious to dirt, moisture and corrosive elements. A wiring compartment at the unit’s base provides protection for field wiring. Standard electrical knockouts are provided on each side to simplify connections. The position of the 4.0-amp circuit breaker can also be reversed if necessary. For more information about Model 14359 from Foster, click here .