New Products for Power Protection

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff August 18, 2005

Arc flash study performance specification assists with arc flash hazard initiative. The complimentary specification will help ensure that specifiers get the services they need and is intended to drastically cut specification development time. For a free download of the arc flash specification from ESA, click here .

Power supply features sealed aluminum enclosure with ability to withstand extreme industrial conditions. The UL-listed devices is said to be suitable to be mounted directly onto machinery frame as it does not require any protective enclosure to guarantee safety and environmental protection. This feature makes it ideal for applications where machinery is sprayed down at the end of the day, a common practice in many food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. It also has a 90-264 volt AC/110-300 volt DC input voltage and a continuous current of 5 amps at 45 here .

Digital relay is designed to meet or exceed the reliability and protection requirements of difficult applications in demanding environments. It is ideal for critical power applications, such as standby generators for hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, data centers and telecommunication facilities. Standardized footprint allows uniform integration into electrical equipment protecting motors; generators; feeders, mains and ties; transformers, buses and capacitor banks. For more about PowerLogic Sepam Series 80 from Schneider/Square D, click here .

Insulated case circuit breakers for arc-flash protections are available in three frame sizes from 800 to 5,000 amps. The breakers offer integrated racking handles, pull apart front-mounted terminal blocks and modular accessories, and have two new exclusive features: dynamic arc-flash sentry technology and extended instantaneous protection. For more about WL circuit breakers from Siemens, click here .