New Products for HVAC Applications 7/05

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff July 28, 2005

Copper tube fitting system for water and natural gas applications is said to save time by quickly and easily identifying unpressed connections. The patented indentation on the inside surface of the fitting ensures leakage of liquids and/or gases from the inside of the fitting past the sealing element of an unpressed fitting. The indentation is sealed during the pressing process, resulting in a leak-free permanent connection. For more about ProPress from Viega, click here .

HVAC products catalog is available in new Version 4.0, with more than 700 pagesmper actuators, and many more. For a free catalog from Siemens Building Technologies, click here .

Flexible hose has been designed for durability as a replacement for older polyester neoprene hoses. It is said to offer increased resistance to puncture, moisture and tear over earlier products, function at higher temperature ranges and is UL94HB flame retardant. The product is suited to oil mist, dust, smoke, fume and airborne particle collection applications.It withstands ozone, chemical, weather, U.V. and aqueous, oil or hydrocarbon-rich environments. For more information about AHPLUS from Air Handling Systems, click here .

Pressure transducer offers wide operating temperature range (-40applications. For more about Model 201 from Setra, click here .

Flow meter features a 316L stainless steel thermal mass flow sensing element with an all-welded, wetted surface in a 10 or 15 Ra electro-polish finish. Designed for demanding sanitary process applications in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical plants, the units support a wide range of gas flow measurement applications. They provide precise and repeatable gas flow measurement for high purity gas lines (e.g., CO2 and others), pill coater air flow monitoring, CIP and SIP flow and temperature monitoring, condenser/evaporator flow control, scrubber gas discharge monitoring and more. For more about FlexMASSter ST98 from FCI, click here .