New Products for HVAC Applications

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff April 4, 2006

Laboratory exhaust system combines high-plume dilution stack design with a side inlet centrifugal arrangement to safely exhaust laboratory work environments. The centrifugal blower design is suitable for applications requiring horizontal air intake or for systems with external static pressures in excess of 8 in. w.g. For more about Vektor-CD from Greenheck, click here .

Centrifugal duct fans are designed to operate reliably in most environments. Belt-drive and direct-drive models are available. The belt-drive models are offered in sizes from 6-in. to 15-in. and use standard 1,750-rpm motors. Direct-drive models, available in sizes from 6-in. to 15-in., require less maintenance and offer longer operating life and reduced operating costs. For more about duct fans from American Coolair, click here .

Dust and fume collection systems for air-handling systems are detailed in a new catalog that contains thousands of industrial grade fittings, spiral pipe and flexible hose. For more from Air Handling Systems, click here .

All-in-one clamp meter for HVAC testing combines non-contact voltage, temperature, microamps and capacitance. The unit also features a backlight for viewing the display in the dark, True RMS for true power calculations and auto-power off to maximize battery life. For more about SC77 from FieldPiece, click here .