New Products for Fire Protection

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff May 6, 2005

Audible Exit Sign is said to potentially reduce evacuation times up to 75%. Featuring a compact speaker that produces broadband noise that is installed near building exits or along egress routes, the unit acts as an audible “Exit” sign. Triggered by the building’s fire-alarm control panel, it alerts building occupants to the location of the nearest exit using directional sound. For more about Onyx ExitPoint from Notifier, click here .

Fire sprinkler hydraulic analysis software has been upgraded to perform hydraulic calculations following NFPA 13 standards. With the addition of Hazen-Williams method of hydraulic calculation the program can meet the needs ofthose who are designing fire sprinkler systems. For more information on Pipe-Flo by Engineered Software, click here .

CPVC fitting compound is PPI-listed, which means that a material must undergo thousands of hours of testing while surviving very specific temperatures and elevated pressures unique to the desired HDB rating. The fittings are said by the manufacturer to last four times longer than those molded with other CPVC compounds when subjected to constant pressure tests at 551 psi at 180°F (82°C). For more on CPVC fitting compounds from Blazemaster, click here .

Horn and strobe appliances feature low current, two selectable tones, continuous and temporal Code 3, and dB levels (90 or 95 dB), and patented universal mounting plate. Strobes are available with 15, 15/75, 30, 75 and 110and 1575 cd intensities. For more information on NS/HS4 horn strobes from Wheelock, click here .