New Products for Fire-Protection and Security

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff April 6, 2005

Comparison Video demonstrates the fire-resistant effectiveness of an alternative to oriented-strand board. The video demonstrates how two structures, one built with OSB and the other with the alternate, show two entirely different burn scenarios. After both buildings were set on fire, one building remains intact,while the building constructed of untreated OSB is completely destroyed. For more about Blazeguard from International Barrier, click here .

Concealed weapons detection camera uses passive millimeter wave sensor technology to detect guns, knives or bombs, whether metal, plastic or composite. The system consists of a millimeter wave camera combined with a video camera and special algorithm software, which can interface to other such security devices as door entry systems, video surveillance systems and complex security monitoring networks. Outputs are real-time video, eliminating privacy issues, with visual identification of where a suspicious item is located on a person and electronic alarm notification signaling, identifying up to 50 threats simultaneously. For more on the BIS-WDS Prime system from Brijot, click here .

Through-Wall Firestop System allows wires and cables to be easily added or removed while maintaining the fire rating of the wall. The system combines built-in intumescent firestopping material with a fully enclosed wall penetration. This fitting is tested to UL 1479 for flame, temperature, and smoke, and is also determined to be suitable for use in air-handling plenums. Fitting consists of a cover with adjustable steel doors. For more about FlameStopper from Wiremold/Legrand, click here .

Addressable smoke detector is a spot-type unit that features settingsties. This technology is said to be ideal for any environment where there is a substantial cost of downtime or a significant investment in installed equipment. For more on Pinnacle from System Sensor, click here .